Cacelli & Partners and Mageeco Football Academy have signed a partnership.

Cacelli & Partners, the London-based company with a football asset, has signed a partnership with Mageeco Football Academy, a major Nigerian football academy.

Cacelli with this step forward in the scouting sector, it increases services to football clubs in addition to the purchase or sale of clubs and digital service useful for technicians in order to evaluate players and games
From today it can offer to European clubs also a large number of African young promises.

Mageeco is a Lagos football academy in Nigeria with over 100 young players, aspiring to become professional players in the big European clubs.
The Academy has 4 teams participating in the respective championships organized by the Nigerian Football Federation.

“I really believe in this partnership – said Riccardo Cacelli, CEO of Cacelli & Partners – because I consider Africa to be a continent that can give a lot to professional football and at the same time will be able to grow talents respecting more elementary techniques of football, behavior and lifestyle.We think that behavior and lifestyle, outside the football field, is a fundamental element to be both a good footballer and a good man.“

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