Mr. Riccardo Cacelli met Ms. Neena Richie

London – In recent days Mr. Riccardo Cacelli met Ms. Neena Richie, actress, entrepreneur and ambassador of important international organizations of solidarity.

During lunch they talked about the possibility of interacting Cacelli & Partners in the near future with sectors of economic and financial interest in which Neena Richie is well introduced.

Riccardo Cacelli said: “The meeting with Neena Richie has been very profitable: you are a successful woman and being able to work with you in particular sectors can represent a further step in quality for Cacelli & Partners”.

Mr. Cacelli at Cross Party Briefing on the Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan at the London Embassy

London – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli, CEO of Cacelli & Partners, last Monday he was invited by HE Erlan Idrissov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a member of the Conservative Foreign & Commonwealth Council to participate in the Cross Party Briefing with the Kazakhstan All Party Parliamentary Group and Conservative Friends of Eurasia.

It was a very interesting meeting during which Ambassador Idrissov illustrated the enormous financial and economic potential of Kazakhstan and its capital, Astana.

Cacelli’s interview

During the presentation Mr. Riccardo Cacelli was interviewed by national television of Kazakhstan about the recently approved microcredit regulations in that country.

We believe very much in Kazakhstan – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli said – and ‘we would be happy to be advisors for those companies and capitals who want to invest in Astana and in this Asian country, so we are evaluating logistic strategies and establishing profitable economic relationships for all