Cacelli & Partners is now registered in the Register of Transparency by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic

London – Cacelli & Partners is now registered – n. 2018-17651911-86 – in the Register of Transparency held by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic.

The Mise Transparency Register is a tool for active participation and control, based on the model used by the European Institutions and is part of the further transparency and accountability measures with the aim of providing citizens with further information on who are the interlocutors of the Ministry and how they interact with it.

The MISE reference interlocutors have the interest to participate actively in decision-making processes, because their activity of representing interests can be fundamental to bring to the knowledge of public decision-makers a series of substantial information, coming from social actors who know the problems directly. specific and sector difficulties.

In this way, the research and information activities of the stakeholders take on a useful role for those who are called to deal with legislative and government tasks, considerably reducing the risk of regulatory actions not consistent with the expected objectives.

The Registry intends to guarantee:

  • that decisions are taken in the most participatory way possible, considering that the MISE and its articulations interact with a wide range of groups and organizations that represent specific interests;
  • that the interactions between the MISE and its interlocutors are transparent, through the publication and updating of the profile of these subjects (activities, financial data, etc.);
  • that anyone can monitor and monitor the correctness of the decision-making process;
  • that the widespread control by citizens and users of the Administration’s work is encouraged

Mr. Riccardo Cacelli said: “Our goal of the company is to be able to communicate with the Mise in order to present and solve the strategic economic problems of our customers and projects of national interest that we intend to achieve: incentives, start-ups, exports, acquisitions and sales of Italian manufacturing companies anIT start-up projects, investments in Italy in the industrial and tourism sectors. “

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