Meeting with Ambassador of Albania

left: Mr. Danilo Campestrin, He Qirjako Qirko, Ambassador of Albania to London, Mr. Riccardo Cacelli

London – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli, CEO of Cacelli & Partners and Mr. Danilo Campestrin, CEO of Collins Dale Capital Partners met HE Qirjako Qirko, Ambassador of Albania to London.

During the confidential meeting for possible foreign investments in Albania the topics of an economic and financial.

In particular in luxury tourism, shipbuilding, engineering, telecommunications, High Tech, rail transport and football.

I’m very pleased met HE Qirjako Qirko – said Mr. Riccardo Cacelli – and to have deepened the knowledge of Albania and of some key sectors for a further economic development of that country“.

“I hope to be able to identify solid investors – concluded Mr. Riccardo Cacelli – with whom to develop strategic platforms useful both to derive profits but also to increase the already strong Albanian economy in those sectors that give mutual opportunities for quality and professionalism.”