Riccardo Cacelli, italian citizen, strategist – business developer finished his economic studies and has started working as an intern at major commercial studios of Livorno.

He working for Confcommercio and in 2000 he founded one of the first italian digital newspapers: italynews.it.

After became CEO of Daisy Group Srl and Mister Web Italia.

In 2012 he moved to London.

Here Riccardo Cacelli founded Italynews Ltd, Cacelli Management & Consulting and the Cacelli & Partners Ltd.

Catholic, a daughter, is passionate about politics, history, cooking, journalism, photography.

Riccardo Cacelli is founder of “Main dans le Main”, a International Charity project to support family with children suffer cancer.

His favorite phrase:
“You do not become old to have lived a number of years, but because he has surrendered his own ideal.”

Douglas MacArthur
General Us Army