Riccardo Cacelli, italian, live in London and working in the City.
He finished economic studies and has started working as an intern at major office accountant in Leghorn (Tuscany).

For many years (17) Cacelli worked for most important trade, tourism and services association in Italy (Confcommercio).
In 2000 he founded the first italian digital newspaper: italynews.it.

He has also worked in aeronautics, maritime, and e-commerce sector.

Cacelli has also been a marketing and web-marketing teacher for the Chamber of Commerce and Bilateral Agency of Tuscany Tourism.

Hi organized AirShow, member of the board of directors of: Aeroclub Isola d’Elba, Circolo Nautico Cavo, Misericordia.

in 2001 Cacelli is appointed CEO of Daisy Group Srl and Mister Web Italia.

In 2012 he moved to London.

In London Riccardo Cacelli founded Cacelli Group Ltd.

In the City of London has numerous clients, as: Medoil Gas (Oil), Forza Italia (Italian Party), Rocco Forte Hotels (Luxury Hotels), Thumbay Group (Emirates), Mr. Maurizio Bragagni (Italian Parliament Election Campaign) and many worldwide businessmen.

His professional skills cover these sectors: Advanced Air Mobility, Strategic Business Planning, Tourism (airports, luxury hotels, mobility), Maritime (shipyards), Medicine (Cancer, Pediatric Cancer), Football (M&A), Infrastructure sports (Stadium, sports halls), digital news and lobby.

Cacelli has created an international network of collaborators and partners in: Italy, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Albania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, China, Iran, India, Israel, Philippines, Angola, Nigeria, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela.

Riccardo Cacelli in 2014 elaborated the planning of an international charity – Child7 – to help parents who have children with cancer and to support pediatric oncology doctors.

Catholic, passionate of politics, history, cooking, journalism and photography.

His favorite quote:
You do not become old to have lived a number of years, but because he has surrendered his own ideal.” – Douglas MacArthur, General Us Army

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