• Transparency
    We work as if we were inside a glass of transparent glass, where we see among us, we see the outside world.
    And the outside world sees us as we are, how we work and what we do with responsibility and dedication.
  • Sharing
    Knowledge, successes and failures are really such only if it can be shared between people who work in activities and with the outside world.
    Sharing to make the experience gained, a tile business with personal improvement and social.
  • Respect
    Having regard to individuals respecting their identity and profession considered the fundamental basis of the individual’s acceptance. Without any distinction.
  • Growth
    Better to grow together, we and our customers.
    Improving thanks to the goals but also thanks to a miss.
  • Professionalism
    Ongoing research and everyday knowledge as a key element of the intellectual progress of the people. Essential ingredient is the passion that people should have in the activities they do.
  • Precision
    Precision is the driving force characteristic of how people of Cacelli & Partners engaging in any activity.
    It’s stands for quality and accuracy towards themselves and society as a whole.
  • Social Responsability
    Profit is the first objective of any company.
    We as well as having a business strategy also we have a social strategy with which we contribute to the growth of civil society.
    5% of the our profits are destined to “Main dans la main – project” (support to young cancer patients and their families).