• Marketing conventional and unconvetional (guerrilla, product, ambush, buzz, ambient, gastrophysics, etc.)
    (team leader, hotel, luxury hotel, restaurant, charity, retail, F&B, manufacturing, maritime, aviation, sport, financial, healthcare)
  • Corporate Strategist
    (strategies plan, blu ocean strategy, affairs worldwide, advanced air mobility, urban air mobility, M&A)
  • Business Management
    (team leader, market research, business plan, information memorandum, corporate profile)
  • E-commerce (B2C and B2B)
  • Cripto currency (Britcoin).
  • Capacity to remain calm in every situation
  • Very confident and diplomatic, and never confrontational
  • Managing to create a very harmonious team
  • Very high interpersonal skills
  • Amiable, well mannered
  • Highly diligent and responsible and able to finish the matter at hand to the highest standards.Member of the International Compliance Association (ICA)Microsoft Office, Google, YouTube, Safari, Firefox, Social, WordPress.