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Elba Tunnel Project, Arch. David Ulivagnoli’s interview

The Arch. David Ulivagnoli‘s interview to Tele Tirreno Elba after the inspection with his team for the strategic Elba Tunnel project which, if realized, would put the Island of Elba in communication with the highway 398 in the Municipality of Piombino.

The interviewhttp://www.tenews.it/giornale/2019/01/18/tunnel-elba-iniziati-i-primi-sopralluoghi-77744/

“Brexit ed i diritti dei cittadini Europei”

London – Yesterday Mr. Riccardo Cacelli attended the meeting organized at the Italian Embassy in London with the title: “Brexit and the rights of European citizens”.


Mr. Riccardo Cacelli and HMA Jill Morris in Italy

Participated by the Minister Suella Braverman (DExEU), the Ambassadors of the United Kingdom in Rome, Jill Morris, Mr. Chris Jones (Director of Justice, Security and Migration, DExEU), Mark Durrant (Deputy Director of the EU Exit Immigration Strategy, Home Office).

Important were the presentations on the points of agreement between the EU and the UK on the issue of citizens’ rights and on the registration system for “settled status”.

A session of questions was followed by the panel of two DExEU officials and the Home Office.

The Italian Ambassador to London, S.E. Raffaele Trombetta, concluded.

Mr. Riccardo Cacelli said: “It was a very interesting meeting and the explanations given by the two British ministerial officials helped to better understand the situation and the rights of us European citizens in the UK.

Meeting with Ambassador of Albania

left: Mr. Danilo Campestrin, He Qirjako Qirko, Ambassador of Albania to London, Mr. Riccardo Cacelli

London – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli, CEO of Cacelli & Partners and Mr. Danilo Campestrin, CEO of Collins Dale Capital Partners met HE Qirjako Qirko, Ambassador of Albania to London.

During the confidential meeting for possible foreign investments in Albania the topics of an economic and financial.

In particular in luxury tourism, shipbuilding, engineering, telecommunications, High Tech, rail transport and football.

I’m very pleased met HE Qirjako Qirko – said Mr. Riccardo Cacelli – and to have deepened the knowledge of Albania and of some key sectors for a further economic development of that country“.

“I hope to be able to identify solid investors – concluded Mr. Riccardo Cacelli – with whom to develop strategic platforms useful both to derive profits but also to increase the already strong Albanian economy in those sectors that give mutual opportunities for quality and professionalism.”

Cacelli & Partners is now registered in the Register of Transparency by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic

London – Cacelli & Partners is now registered – n. 2018-17651911-86 – in the Register of Transparency held by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic.

The Mise Transparency Register is a tool for active participation and control, based on the model used by the European Institutions and is part of the further transparency and accountability measures with the aim of providing citizens with further information on who are the interlocutors of the Ministry and how they interact with it.

The MISE reference interlocutors have the interest to participate actively in decision-making processes, because their activity of representing interests can be fundamental to bring to the knowledge of public decision-makers a series of substantial information, coming from social actors who know the problems directly. specific and sector difficulties.

In this way, the research and information activities of the stakeholders take on a useful role for those who are called to deal with legislative and government tasks, considerably reducing the risk of regulatory actions not consistent with the expected objectives.

The Registry intends to guarantee:

  • that decisions are taken in the most participatory way possible, considering that the MISE and its articulations interact with a wide range of groups and organizations that represent specific interests;
  • that the interactions between the MISE and its interlocutors are transparent, through the publication and updating of the profile of these subjects (activities, financial data, etc.);
  • that anyone can monitor and monitor the correctness of the decision-making process;
  • that the widespread control by citizens and users of the Administration’s work is encouraged

Mr. Riccardo Cacelli said: “Our goal of the company is to be able to communicate with the Mise in order to present and solve the strategic economic problems of our customers and projects of national interest that we intend to achieve: incentives, start-ups, exports, acquisitions and sales of Italian manufacturing companies anIT start-up projects, investments in Italy in the industrial and tourism sectors. “

Cacelli at the “Italy inbound: look no further. Foreign Direct Investment in Italy”

London – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli, CEO and founder of Cacelli & Partners, participated today at the Italian Embassy in London to: “Italy inbound: look no further. Foreign Direct Investment in Italy“.

The event organized by Hogan Lovells, one of the largest law firm in the world, was introduced by HE Raffaele Trombetta, Ambassador of Italy to the United Kingdom.

The event was characterized by the presentation of M&A italian market realized of Politrcnico di Milano and the subsequent debate.

Today’s – said Riccardo Cacelli – was a very important event to identify and share useful experiences both for those who want to make an investment in Italy, and for those italian companies that want to internationalize or sell majority or minority shareholdings, to new foreign shareholders.

Mr. Riccardo Cacelli met Ms. Neena Richie

London – In recent days Mr. Riccardo Cacelli met Ms. Neena Richie, actress, entrepreneur and ambassador of important international organizations of solidarity.

During lunch they talked about the possibility of interacting Cacelli & Partners in the near future with sectors of economic and financial interest in which Neena Richie is well introduced.

Riccardo Cacelli said: “The meeting with Neena Richie has been very profitable: you are a successful woman and being able to work with you in particular sectors can represent a further step in quality for Cacelli & Partners”.

Mr. Cacelli at Cross Party Briefing on the Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan at the London Embassy

London – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli, CEO of Cacelli & Partners, last Monday he was invited by HE Erlan Idrissov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a member of the Conservative Foreign & Commonwealth Council to participate in the Cross Party Briefing with the Kazakhstan All Party Parliamentary Group and Conservative Friends of Eurasia.

It was a very interesting meeting during which Ambassador Idrissov illustrated the enormous financial and economic potential of Kazakhstan and its capital, Astana.

Cacelli’s interview

During the presentation Mr. Riccardo Cacelli was interviewed by national television of Kazakhstan about the recently approved microcredit regulations in that country.

We believe very much in Kazakhstan – Mr. Riccardo Cacelli said – and ‘we would be happy to be advisors for those companies and capitals who want to invest in Astana and in this Asian country, so we are evaluating logistic strategies and establishing profitable economic relationships for all

Cacelli at “Corporate Governance in Italy” workshop by Assogestioni and Italian Embassy in London

London – Today mr. Riccardo Cacelli took part at “Corporate Governance in Italy” workshop organized by Assogestioni at Italian Embassy in London.

It was a very interesting workshop in which the “Comparative approach to minority board member nomination, USA vs. Continental Europe”, “Board nomination in Italy how it works in practice” and “Minority directors as a stewardship tool” was discussed and discussed. for a constructive engagement and effective protection of the shareholder ”

The programme

Cacelli & Partners and Mageeco Football Academy have signed a partnership.

Cacelli & Partners, the London-based company with a football asset, has signed a partnership with Mageeco Football Academy, a major Nigerian football academy.

Cacelli with this step forward in the scouting sector, it increases services to football clubs in addition to the purchase or sale of clubs and digital service useful for technicians in order to evaluate players and games
From today it can offer to European clubs also a large number of African young promises.

Mageeco is a Lagos football academy in Nigeria with over 100 young players, aspiring to become professional players in the big European clubs.
The Academy has 4 teams participating in the respective championships organized by the Nigerian Football Federation.

“I really believe in this partnership – said Riccardo Cacelli, CEO of Cacelli & Partners – because I consider Africa to be a continent that can give a lot to professional football and at the same time will be able to grow talents respecting more elementary techniques of football, behavior and lifestyle.We think that behavior and lifestyle, outside the football field, is a fundamental element to be both a good footballer and a good man.“